COELS Housing & Support Program

by Crystal Roy

COELS Housing and Support Program: Assists Brothers and Sisters to look for a place to call home. Housing is one of highest demands & tasks that can be challenging with the continued rising cost in the second highest place to live in the lower mainland. Being that majority of resources for low income individuals and families can take a toll when looking for a place to call home without any problems, such as pests, rodents, cost of living, lack of education, no job, health problems, being on disability or income assistance also makes it harder to find rental with lack of funds too many people to one house hold (over housed) etc.

Housing plays an important role for a person’s stability. Having a place to sleep, cook, personal hygiene and just having your own space for your own safety can make a difference. A person needs to have a sense of responsibility and stability to keep moving forward. But you need to have access to the proper tools and resources to finding your home. Needing to have references weather it’s work or support worker(s) past landlords. Some places are now asking for credit checks, past resident’s proof of income. What does one do when you have been homeless for a period of time? This can be a major stressor for a person, when life has happened and changed their circumstances.

Applying for subsidized/ low income has a high demand waiting list but there is other resources that can provide alternatives to housing. Apply and getting your name on the list and keeping in mind to keep your information current with any changes and always keep checking the status of your name on where it is on the list (having your file #)

Looking to sign up for the supplemental application. Or apply for the Rental Assistance Program through the Housing Registry (if you have employment)
If you’re a student look into student housing, apply for module housing, single room occupancy (SRO), second stage housing, last but not the least shelters. Everyone has to start somewhere. Utilizing all assorted resources will make the difference on easing the load on searching for a place to feel safe and having a place to sleep and eat in the own comfort of your place is the difference for someone to keep moving forward in a positive direction.

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