Tsetsusem Healing Journey

Each year Circle of Eagles Lodge Society hosts the Tsetsusem Cultural Journey which takes place at Camp Potlatch. Camp Potlatch overlooks Howe Sound, known to the local Squamish First Nations as Tsetsusem (Tsay-Tsoh-Sum). The area is culturally relevant, full of history and the beauty that complements the focus of the journey in providing a safe, culturally relevant space for those participating to heal in the vastness of the nature away from the urban jungle. Those that attend the Tsetsusem Healing Journey experience many traditional and cultural experiences. These include West Coast traditional teachings and stories by local Elders and learning the cultural protocols of a traditional sea-going canoe called Kwa Kwem Tn. Kwa Kwem Tn was built in 2000 by eight urban Indigenous youth, and every year since, this beautiful canoe transports participants on several canoe journeys.

The Healing Journey Schedule is balanced to fill each sector of the medicine wheel with mental, emotional, spiritual and physical activities. Each part of the program will address one of those aspects, or a combination overall.